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Downloads, manuals

1Brass hanging anchor

2Power switch

3Power cord inlet

1  The included hanging hardware is easy to install and requires no tools. Simply attach the clips on the ends of the wire hangers to each of the four brass hanging anchors on top of the light.

2 IMPORTANT: Insert the power cord into the back of the light first and then into a properly grounded power receptacle. Please make sure that all power requirements are considered if running multiple lights on one circuit.

(Consult an electrician if you are unsure.)

3 Your light is now ready to be turned on via the green switch on the back of the light.

4 Your light should be positioned above the plant canopy at a distance that creates your ideal coverage area. The further away from the canopy the light is positioned, the bigger the coverage area. However, this will also lessen the light’s intensity. Initially the light needs to be 90 cm above the canopy for a 3-7 day acclimation period. After this the recommended height is 45-65 cm above the canopy. While all plants are different, we suggest keeping minimum distance of 35 cm between light and canopy.

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