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  • How close should my light be to the top of my plant canopy?

    Due to the massive amount of light, it is 75 – 90 cm. Some high light use strains will be able to tolerate closer hanging heights, but the minimum should be 60 cm.

  • Can I transfer plants from HPS/fluorescents straight to LED?

    Yes. But due to the difference of light, it will take a few days to adjust. During the first days you may experience some discoloration or twisting on the uppermost leaves. This can be minimized by hanging the light 120 cm away from your plants for the first 3-7 days until they are used to the new light.

  • How can I find my light’s sweet spot above the canopy?

    We suggest starting with the light at 120 cm for the first 3-7 days. After this initial period, the light can be lowered down 15 cm a time, until you reach 75 cm. If any discoloration or twisting occurs on the leaves, raise the light back up 15 cm. This should be the height you maintain through the plant’s life cycle.

  • I see some discoloration or twisting on the new leaves. What’s going on?

    This can be caused by your light being too close to the plants. Try moving the light up about 15-30 cm. You should see those signs disappear with a few days.

  • The footprint of my light does not look as big as advertised. Why?

    Our advertised footprints are achieved only when the light is hung from our recommended hanging heights. The closer the light is to the canopy, the smaller the footprint will be. Our stated footprint sizes are for average light use plants. If growing high light use plants, the effective footprint will be slightly smaller.

  • Should I wear eye protection in the greenhouse?

    We always recommend that people use eye protection in any indoor gardening room. HPS, MH and LED all emit huge amounts of light, and just like the sun, this can be hard on your eyes. We suggest color corrective shades.

  • Do LED lights require higher room temperatures?

    Yes, due to the fact that LED lights emit much less radiant heat, the surface temperatures on leaves can be 6-8 C degrees cooler than those with HPS. This can cause transpiration rates and metabolic processes in the leaf to slow down. Raising ambient temperatures to 28-30 C degrees will allow the plant to thrive.

  • Can I still use CO2?

    Yes. If temperatures in the greenhouse are raised to 28-30 C degrees, the plants’ ability to assimilate CO2 gets increased.