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Welcome to the 420 LED Grow Lighting website!

We have spent multiple years in the business of LED lighting technologies: based on our experiences accumulated in the previous years and following the recent developments of LED technologies we decided it is high time to set things under a brighter perspective. What do we mean by this?

In previous years we considered low energy consumption as LED’s primal advantage: though this aspect is still true, in itself it won’t make our plants happier. The real caring for them starts with the perfect light spectrum which we can already provide by LED technology. At the same time their energy consumption is about 50% lower than that of traditional HPS lamps which brings a bold financial relief for the users. And besides all this the growers’ souls are enlightened by the plants and flowers in their perfect and purest beauty.

In reality all this was made possible by combining several special technologies in 420 LED Grow Lighting’s products. It took long hours of research and development to achieve the perfect light spectrum by combining different colour LEDs. Each single unit’s lifespan can reach over 50 000 operating hours that is ensured by their special inner construction, while the flawless operation is provided by the higher capacity LED’s than what we don’t find in other manufacturers’ products. The fact that all lamps are built by machines and each one is carefully tested when ready guarantees constant quality and long term, flawless usability.

Our company offers high quality products at an affordable price, always aiming to live up to our customers’ best interests. So we not only sell them, we provide complete technical support from choosing the ideal product onto how to actually operate them to achieve the best performance. Orders above X EUR are delivered free of charge, and the warranty on all our products is X years.